Here at Defense Academics we help our students find employment by giving them the resources of security companies looking for well trained officers from Defense Academics. By empowering our students to recognize the difference between right and wrong we are mentally preparing them for defense situations. We consistently strive to set an example of good conduct and apply principles of honesty and fairness to all relationships.

We Analyze in physical education, with the focus on the relation between the very dynamic labor market and the required competence of the professionals to deal with the associated demands. The following listed security companies have send students to Defense Academics and are always looking for well trained officers.

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Johnathan Mason

I worked for Excelsior Defense as an Account Manager before i moved to another city. I enjoyed my time working for Kris, the owner, who is extremely experienced and knowledgeable in Security & Investigations. The Office Manager Beth is an amazing person and she will put fourth 100% to assist you in anything you may encounter. I recommend applying with Excelsior. I certainly wish i could have stayed longer!

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