Our Mission

Defense Academics a security school located in downtown St. Petersburg is committed to providing well trained officers to the industry. In these changing times, security training must keep up. At Defense Academics we are always updating our courses, making the corrections that are needed due to law revisions and requests from not only the industry but also Security Officers.

Defense Academics prides itself on being an ethical school, where no recruiting is allowed by any security company. Any company in the Tampa Bay area is free to post one of their business cards on the school bulletin board and they are placed there in no special order. Our instructors will never say which are the best or the worst. Upon request we will let the students know which companies are looking for people at the time of the class.

Have a Question?

We may be reached by any one of the below listed choices. If you have any questions or would like to register for a class please use one of the choices. If you telephone and get our voice mail, please leave your name, telephone number (include area code) and which course you are interested in.

Tel: (727) 520-1188

Mail: 2232 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, Fl 33712.

Our Staff

Florida “G” Security Officer (Armed) Instructor

Victor J DeMicco

(Licenses - D, DI, G, CC, & K)

Victor J DeMicco, is a former United States Marine Corps military veteran with his time spent in fields such as Marine Corps Security Forces Company, Fleet Ant-terrorism Security Team (FAST Co.), Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of the Combat Water Survival Program and Firearms (Rifle / Pistol) Coach for Headquarters Battalion, 2 Marine Division, Camp Lejeune, NC. During his time in Security Forces Battalion, Victor was stationed on the USS KittyHawk-CV63 Maritime FAST Unit, as well as Marine Corps PRP program mission guarding US Governmental Special Weapon ordinance, magazines and ordinance spaces.

Outside the military, Victor had been in the Domestic Private Security Industry for (12) years before working as an Overseas Security Contractor with the US Department of State (DOS) Worldwide Protective Service (WPS) as a Site Supervisor, Basic Field Firearms Officer Program (BFFOC) Firearms Instructor, and the Weapons Armorer for the Baghdad Embassy Security Force, Iraq, US DOS Regional Security Office “AIR” Security Program, Iraq, and then at the Kabul Embassy Security Force, Afghanistan. Victor’s time overseas spanned from 2005 – 2015, and has now gone back to the Domestic Security service for the State of Florida
Victor has trained several different levels of Security Officers, in many different countries, and now in Florida for the Department of Agriculture Armed & Unarmed Security Officers Program currently holding a “D”, “G”, & “K” (Firearms) Instructor license for the State of Florida.

Florida “D” Security Officer (Un-Armed) Instructor

Patrick Walker

Patrick Walker is a former “Multi-Service Military Veteran with (16) years of service in areas such as a US Army Paratrooper, ROTC Instructor, member of the Michigan National Guard, and US Air Force attached to three US Army Special Forces Groups in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

Outside the military, Patrick has been in the security industry for (8) years where he worked as an Overseas Security Contractor. He then spent 6 years at the US Embassy in Kabul as a Site Supervisor. While working in the domestic security field for 10 years, he has been a security officer both unarmed and armed, road patrol, and stood up security for FEMA after Hurricane Katrina.
Patrick has trained several Security Officers in Florida. He is a Florida Certified Unarmed Security Instructor and has held the following licenses in the State of Florida: D, G, DI and CWL, OC, Baton & First Aid.

What Makes Us Better


Trusted and Dependable, Defense Academics works side by side and trains their students with care and purpose.

Cost Effective

Affordable and a strong investment for anyone who is serious about defensive education.


Here at Defense Academics training our students professionally and with integrity so they are ready for any defensive situation.


In the world there is right and wrong in conduct. We train our students for different types of situations and problems that occur everyday.


Unlike an essay, test, or research paper, we prepare student with real experience for real world cases and situations.