Defense Academics g-course, security training St Petersburg FL


28 Hr G-Course and 4 Hr Annual Re-Qualification

Two G-Courses are available at Defense Academic. A 28 hour G-Course and 4 hour Annual Re-Qualification Course. Each courses are relevant to each other but don't have limits to the following. Florida Statutes, Civil and Criminal Liability, Operational Firearms Safety, Firearms Mechanical Training and Firearms Range Qualification on the Handgun. As there is limited seating, pre-registration and a small deposit is required to hold a seat for a student.


The 28 “G” course will be given on Sat. & Sun. from 8am – 7pm, and on Mon. 8am – 4pm. The cost of the “G” course will be $175 (Initial Certification/Qualification), $70 for “Re-Qual”, and $40 (per-pistol, per caliber). This class will include training covering, but not limited to:

 • Florida Statutes
 • Civil/Criminal Liability
 • Operational Firearms Safety
 • Firearms Mechanics / Operations training
 • Firearm Range Qualification

“There will be a test/ examination of (50) questions that every student will need to pass with a 70% or better score. Limited seating and payment is required no later than the first morning of class.